We've been officially Yarnaholics since the fall of 2011, but we were crocheting LONG before that. Debbie (the Mom) learned to crochet when she was young and passed this along to Heather (that's ME, the oldest). I still have the first blanket I made (red and white - my high school's colors, of course). I made friends some hats in college, but it wasn't a true hobby until several years later. Ahem, "I'd like to thank the economic crash in the mid 2000's for the resurgence in the handmade society!" I opened up an etsy shop and started selling various things and eventually decided to make this thing official, and brought my Mom and Sister along.


We all three crochet, and Leslie also loom knits. Hats, headbands, toys, jewelry, accessories...if it can be made out of yarn, we'll totally try it. We love custom items - shoot us a message on the Contact Us page if you have some ideas!